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What Happens When You DON’T Make a Change

- Tuesday, October 22, 2019

There are two quotes that came to mind when thinking about writing this blog post.

“…But in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” – Benjamin Franklin

“The only thing constant is change” – Heraclitus

While those two idioms are well known separately, when considered together, they complement each other nicely regarding accounting software. Here is what I mean.

If taxes are a certainty of life, one must be able to properly track credits and debits associated with their business to accurately pay taxes. There are many, many options to account for assets and liabilities but generally when businesses first start up, they select an ‘Off-The-Shelf’ program like QuickBooks or Xero. These solutions clearly have a market fit for companies with limited accounting requirements due to their smaller size.

To tie in the second quote, if change is the only constant in life, this applies to all aspects of life. Including the one piece of software that literally every single business operating must have, accounting software. However, change is not always seen as a pleasant experience. Often change is brought on by an abundance of pressure to grow or increase profits while the status quo is prohibiting that growth.

To pop that resistance bubble it might help to consider what happens if you do not change your accounting software to accommodate your business goals.

You don't get to:

You Dont Get These When You Stay on QuickBooks


Facts You Dont Get When You Dont Switch To Sage Intacct

If you are okay with the processes that you have in place when it comes to your accounting team, that is great news!

However, if you are considering making a change and you are not sure where to start, that is where a Partner like The Resource Group can assist. With over 30 years experience helping organizations evaluate, migrate, go-live, support and customize financial management and accounting software systems, we can get you pointed in the right direction.

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2019 Accounting Software & Financial Management Buyer's Guide

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