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Understanding Microsoft’s Changes to the Perpetual Licensing Model for Microsoft Dynamics GP

- Tuesday, May 26, 2015

by Holly Miller Jones, The Resource Group

Microsoft recently announced changes to its Perpetual Licensing model for Microsoft Dynamics GP. The latest version of the Perpetual Licensing model, which is available on Dynamics GP 2013 and newer versions, is designed to provide customers with a simplified and rich functionality experience. 

Some of the latest feature add-ons within the Perpetual License model include Unlimited Management Reporter (MR) users (FRx upgrade), Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tool access and Unlimited core HR and Payroll. These features empower organizations to provide their employees access to their personal records and information within the Dynamics GP client or via the web client. 

Through the Perpetual Licensing model, the entire Microsoft Dynamics GP solution can be licensed with as little as one, and as many as four, core components. These core components include The Starter Pack, the Extended Pack, the Full User, the Limited User and the Self Service User. 

User rights are licensed through Client Access Licenses (CALs). I would like to specifically focus on the Limited User and Self Service User license models.

Limited Concurrent CALs, or Limited User licenses provide users with restricted, yet powerful, access to all licensed solution functionality. These capabilities, which are subject to some limitations, can be accessed through Windows and the Web Client. 

The Limited User license provides a lower-cost alternative for extending Microsoft Dynamics GP to users who only need to perform limited tasks. Furthermore, Limited Users are also considered concurrent users so multiple employees can share these access rights, which further broadens the usefulness of this license type. 

Extending access to Microsoft Dynamics GP to additional users can bring a variety of benefits, such as the ability to automate activities within a secured and managed environment across your organization. This can lead to significant productivity and improvements to business intelligence. 

Self Service User CALs, or Self Service licenses, provides access to users who only need to view and modify their own employment data or make purchase requests for their own supplies. Self Service CALs are licensed per individual named basis. The Self Service User license is only available through the Perpetual Licensing model and includes these five user roles: 

Employee Self Service (ESS) Employee – grants access to the Default areas of functionality, as well as Employee Timecard Entry and Employee Timecard History. 

  • ESS Employee (Benefit Self Service) – for Employee Timecard Entry and Employee Timecard History. 
  • ESS PTE Employee (project) – for Employee Timecard Entry and Employee Timecard History. 
  • ESS Purchase Requester – grants access to the Default areas of functionality, as well as the Enter Purchase Requisitions, View Purchase Requisitions and View Requisition History functions. 
  • ESS Employee Manager – grants access to the Default areas of functionality, as well as the Manage Employee Profile and View and Approve Timecards functions.  
Limited and Self Service Users are setup like full users within the User Setup window in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Limited and Self Service Users log into GP just like a full GP user. However, the user count tracts against the Limited or Self Service User counter. 

New enhancements within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 now enable GP to perform a security check for appropriate user access based on the assigned security role. This restricts user access to items such as inquiry windows, reports, navigation lists and SmartLists. Report Writer and SQL Reporting Services are available to the Limited users. However, these users are prevented from accessing windows used to update data, with the exception of certain self-service windows where the user can only access data pertaining to themselves. 

Microsoft currently has three promotions offering customers the chance to own Self Service licenses at no cost or at a reduced price.  

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 customers or customers upgrading to GP 2015 receive three Self Service Users per Full User at no charge. 
  • Customers needing additional Self-Serve Users can purchase them with a 50% License discount until June 27, 2015 
  • Customers with Limited Concurrent CALs will be able to convert each Limited CAL for 10 Self Service licenses through this promotion. 
Take advantage of this promotion by June 27, 2015. Every Customer account is unique, so contact a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner like The Resource Group, in order to get more specifics about your organization's licensing options.

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