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Two Quick Bank Reconciliation Tips in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Kim Anselmo - Friday, October 10, 2014

Looking for ways to save time? Below are two bank reconciliation tips for your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.

Checkbook Balance Inquiry
When trying to select Checkbook ID, you may have noticed that this window can be extremely slow. That’s because once you choose the ID, the system begins pulling all of the data for that checkbook. The trick here is to first enter the From and To dates and then select the Checkbook ID. This smaller amount of data is returned much faster, and you won’t be left to wonder whether or not Microsoft Dynamics GP has crashed.


Reconcile Checkbook to GL
With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 comes the addition of Bank Reconciliation to the possible modules to include in the Reconcile to GL functionality. Just enter a date range, choose Bank Reconciliation for the Module, and choose the Checkbook ID. The Account will automatically fill in with the GL account assigned to the chosen Checkbook ID from the Checkbook Maintenance window. Choose a location for the Output file and click on Process to find any unmatched transactions for troubleshooting why your GL may be out of balance with your checkbook.


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