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Outgrowing QuickBooks? Sign #2: You Can’t Take Advantage of the Latest Cloud Technology (part 2 of 10)

Kim Anselmo - Monday, December 16, 2013

With software and services now available through the cloud, small and mid-sized companies have more opportunities than ever to grow their business. Although QuickBooks is available online, there are a number of other deployment options available to growing businesses, which is making the cost of more comprehensive business management solutions more affordable.

Sign #2: You Can’t Take Advantage of the Latest Cloud Technology

The number one reason organizations move to the cloud is so they can experiment easier at a lower cost (Harvard Business Review Report: How the Cloud Looks from the Top: Achieving Competitive Advantage in the Age of Cloud Computing). However, security is typically a top concern for organizations. The systems that run your business need to be accessible anytime and from anywhere to allow for flexibility, but only to those granted access to that information. Some companies ease this concern by putting a portion of their data in the cloud while other data remains on-premise. However, few business solutions offer this type of flexibility. And one way to know you’re outgrowing QuickBooks is if you’re feeling limited by their deployment options.

Business solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, offer deployment choices to fit your company’s requirements. As a Microsoft cloud partner, The Resource Group can deliver on your terms.

Microsoft has invested millions of dollars to cloud computing resources over the past few years to ensure its cloud options are what growing companies need. With an ongoing commitment to technology advancement, your investment is backed by a strong roadmap of future innovation.

Join us next week when we explore the next sign you’ve outgrown QuickBooks: You Create Workarounds for Your Workarounds.

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The Resource Group is a Washington-based Microsoft Dynamics GP partner.

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