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Improve Cash Flow with These Top 7 AR Features

Kim Anselmo - Wednesday, April 25, 2018

YayPay for Sage Intacct

Are you tired of the manual process associated with managing your accounts receivable process? Would you like better visibility into the collections process across departments, so you can better predict cash flow? Modern accounts receivable solutions have these top 7 features that can help you improve your collection process and metrics:

  1. Automated Collection Workflow
  2. Cash Predictability
  3. Real-time Insights
  4. Fast and Easy Integration
  5. Consolidated Communication History
  6. Automated Reminders
  7. Payment Processing 
Automate Collections Workflow 

The collections process does not have to be manual anymore with automated collection workflows that provide unique features such as calling, note-taking or emailing directly from the application. Automated collection workflows help finance and AR departments prioritize and improve collections to reduce DSO. 

Cash Predictability

Cash is king and is the lifeblood of a business. By having an automated accounts receivable process that has predictability built into the process it allows your business to make data-driven decisions. Efficiently optimize collection actions and better predict cash flow for your AR department based on customers past payment trends. 

Real-time Insights

From DSO reporting to invoice status having up-to-date data is critical to managing your cash flow. With real-time insights, you can have better visibility into your collections process and share the information across departments. 

Fast and Easy Integration

For an automated accounts receivable solution to provide the most value, it must integrate seamlessly with your ERP solution, like Sage Intacct. Avoid considering an automated accounts receivable solution that is stand-alone as it will only cause more manual data entry that will quickly get out of sync. 

Consolidated Communication History & Automated Reminders

One of the features that AR specialists appreciates the most from an automated AR solution is the ability to see full communication history in one spot. This allows them to proactively identify risk and determine which customers need the most attention. Additionally, an automated system will provide payment reminders automatically via email. This allows AR specialists to spend more time on the customer service aspects of AR and less time on the administrative burden aspects. 

Payment Processing

The best AR solutions will not only automate the collections process, but also allow customers an easy way to make immediate payments with a click of a button. This, in return, helps reduce DSO because it makes it easier for customers to pay. The accounts receivable process has advanced in recent years, and modern companies are leveraging automated solutions that incorporate the 7 features I’ve outlined to increase visibility and better predict cash flow.  
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2019 Accounting Software & Financial Management Buyer's Guide

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