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A Business Solution from Microsoft — It’s More Than Just ERP (part 3 of 9)

Kim Anselmo - Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thanks for following along with our “Top Reasons to Purchase a Business Solution from Microsoft” series. We’re now in week three of our nine-week series exploring how a business solution from Microsoft delivers more than just enterprise resource planning (ERP). If you missed last week’s blog post, here are a quick summary of the top reasons to purchase a business solution from Microsoft, a link to the first two blog postings, and this week’s featured content: It’s More Than Just ERP.

Top Reasons to Purchase a Business Solution from Microsoft:

  • • Looks Forward, Not Backward
  • • Transforms the Way You Work and Connect
  • It’s More Than Just ERP
  • • Reduces Your Risk and Propels Your Business Forward
  • • Drives and Supports Your Business Growth
  • • Helps You Work Better, Faster and Smarter
  • • Works the Way You Do
  • • Gets You Up and Running Quickly
  • • Provides a Flexible Deployment Model

It’s More Than Just ERP
As you go through the process of evaluating technology vendors and solutions, you’ll probably find a long list of options, many of which can help you balance your books, manage your inventory, create a budget— all the things you’d expect a software package to do. As you evaluate these options, it might be hard to tell the difference between many of them, but it will soon become clear that a business solution such as Microsoft Dynamics GP is more than just ERP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP goes beyond what a simple stand-alone ERP solution can do. The solution offers a unique combination of business intelligence, collaboration, and communication tools embedded across your business processes. That combination creates a proactive, productive workforce, and it provides your business with a financial management solution that connects your employees and your company. This results in a greater level of control over your business, increased profitability, higher employee and customer satisfaction, and new opportunities to grow your business.

Take the Next Steps to Learn More
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2019 Accounting Software & Financial Management Buyer's Guide

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