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6 Characteristics that Customer Reviews Reveal about BI360

- Wednesday, August 09, 2017

by Saeward Schillaci, The Resource Group


If you’re interested in a mid-market Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution, Solver’s BI360 is a popular option that integrates with a variety of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial accounting platforms, including Microsoft Dynamics GP and Sage Intacct.

Like many CPM solutions, BI360 has three key components to improve business decision-making and efficiency: reporting, budgeting, and dashboards. The data necessary for these three functions is collected from all types of software and all aspects of your business through BI360’s data warehouse. For more information about the basic structure and functionality of BI360, check out this blog comparing BI360 to Microsoft’s Management Reporter.

Once you’ve done a little research on the basics of how BI360 works, it’s useful to know what real customers actually think about the product. Here at The Resource Group, as a certified BI360 reseller and platinum partner, we thought it might be helpful to summarize the most common points of feedback we receive from our customers. The following is our list of six things you might like to know about BI360.

What Do Customers Like about BI360?

1. Intuitive interfaces 

By far the most common praise about BI360 is that it uses familiar, Microsoft-based interfaces. Customers especially like the fact that the reporting and budgeting features function as an Excel plug-in. In addition to this, the data warehouse is built on the SQL Server platform. Overall, BI360’s familiar nature helps customers feel comfortable using it and ensures that any training a business invests in focuses more on the advanced aspects of the software rather than the basics of using the interface.

2. Broad scope of functionality

Reviewers frequently praise the wide array of functionality within BI360. Many people buy it for one portion of its functionality, such as reporting, then gradually realize that it’s useful for many other functions as well. In particular, the data warehouse enables customers to easily gather information from disparate data sources and thereby improve decision-making processes.

On the other hand, if users only require some of the available functions, BI360 is a modular product. This means that if your business truly wants merely a small portion of the solution’s functionality, it’s possible to only pay for the modules that you need.

3. Easy to implement and integrate 

In addition to being easy to use, customers often say that implementation of BI360 is quick and relatively painless. BI360 integrates with almost all of the most popular mid-market ERP solutions, including Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and many others. Partly due to its familiar interface, and partly due to the careful consideration that Solver has put into its product, BI360 almost immediately begins providing businesses with the information they need to make effective, timely decisions.

4. Excellent support 

Customers frequently praise Solver for providing excellent, personalized support and continually improving the product through extensive updates. Whether an issue can be corrected with a simple phone conversation or is rooted in the software itself, Solver consistently provides whatever is needed through great customer service and a commitment to delivering high quality solutions.

What Do Reviewers Dislike about BI360?

1. Limited workflow for budgeting approvals 

While BI360’s budgeting module is excellent in many ways, some customers find that the workflow for budgeting approvals is too simple for their needs. This is mostly a problem for complex budgets, such as those requiring many approval steps or multiple revisions in the midst of the approval process. There are workarounds for this issue that customers employ with success, but this process could use some improvement.

2. Clunky web portal  

Historically, BI360 has not been a true cloud-based solution, but instead has offered a somewhat clunky web portal for mobile access. Happily, Solver is living up to its reputation for continual improvements by gradually shifting the product to be available as a fully cloud-based option. The company has launched the Reporting and Data Warehouse modules of BI360 in its new cloud-based environment. And the Planning (budgeting) and Dashboard modules are expected to be released by the end of 2017.This will have a smoother interface, faster connection times, more seamless integration with cloud-based ERP solutions, and generally improved mobile access.

More Questions? 

Overall, customer praises for BI360 far outnumber their complaints, which is exactly why The Resource Group offers it as our go-to CPM solution. For more information, contact The Resource Group or visit our blog.

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