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5 Ways to Boost Your Company’s Financial Health Part 5: The Power of the Cloud On Your Terms

Romy Andrews - Tuesday, August 04, 2015

In this final post of our five-part series, “5 Ways to Boost Your Company’s Financial Health,” we focused on the importance of utilizing a proven financial management system to run a better business. We’ve discussed how to maximize every dollar, how to easily adapt to changing regulatory requirements in your industry, how to make financial management a breeze and how to put your data to work.

Today, we’ll focus on the advantages of managing your finances from the cloud. Click here to read our previous blogs. 
The Power of the Cloud On Your Terms 

In today’s business environment, data, systems and tools accessible through the web are becoming the norm. But what about the systems you use to manage your core business processes? How do you know if the time is right to move your systems to the cloud? And does it have to be all or nothing? 

There are advantages of moving to the cloud, including accessibility and savings. The cloud can make it easier for the right employees to securely access financial systems and data from wherever they are. By providing your team with this type of access, they always have the info they need. This results in increased productivity and everybody wins. 

The cloud offers real savings in your IT budget. By spending less on software and system maintenance you can use those resources elsewhere. In addition, you’ll reduce the burden on your IT staff, so you can get more out of the headcount you have. And the cloud makes it easier to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology and tools. 

But making the decision to move to the cloud comes down to comfort and choice. And an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you both. 

• You can decide to have a Microsoft reselling partner host your solution or deploy it in the cloud. 
• Because Microsoft Dynamics GP has report viewers, for example, that you can make accessible from a web browser you have the ability to make just a portion of your solution available via the web, 
• Or set up a “private cloud” that gives your team the ability to login to your financial management system through a personal, secure site you own and manage. 

The savings and accessibility the cloud offers are real and worthy of an objective assessment. Watch our video about the hidden costs of entry-level accounting software solutions, such as QuickBooks, to see how a solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP can help your company. 
Learn more by contacting The Resource Group, a Pacific Northwest-based Microsoft Dynamics GP partner.

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2019 Accounting Software & Financial Management Buyer's Guide

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