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5 Tips for a More Dynamic Supply Chain Part 3: Turning Big Data into Insight

- Friday, November 13, 2015

This is the third post in our five-part series 5 Tips for a More Dynamics Supply Chain. In our previous posts, we looked at how to avoid a disruption in your supply chain and how to share ideas. Today, we will look at how to turn big data into insight to help you fine-tune your operations. 

Turn Big Data Into Insight 
Big Data seems to be a hot topic in every industry. But was does it mean for small and mid-size businesses, and how can it improve your supply chain? 
Every supply chain produces an immense amount of data. Instead of making your supply chain run smarter and faster, big data may bog you down. 

So how do you use data to your advantage? By capturing it, translating it and sharing its most essential elements—quickly, across your entire organization. 

The first step to being able to analyze and improve the effectiveness of your supply chain is to t connect your SCM data with the metrics that matter most to your business. To do so you will need an integrated business management solution such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP lets you manage your finances and supply chain from a single system. It features the tools you need to easily analyze data and then use it to make your supply chain work harder. Microsoft Dynamics ERP lets your team instantly access the relevant information they need from home pages personalized to each user. Plus, you can export information into Excel with a simple click, allowing you to easily share it around your organization. 

Check back next time for part 4 when we’ll dive into how to share ideas, not just information. In the meantime, learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP by contacting The Resource Group today.

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2019 Accounting Software & Financial Management Buyer's Guide

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