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5 Tips for a More Dynamic Supply Chain Part 2: Share Ideas, Not Just Information

- Friday, November 06, 2015

This is the second post in our five-part series 5 Tips for a More Dynamic Supply Chain. Running an efficient and adaptable supply chain can make all the difference in profitability and growth. In our first blog, we looked at how to avoid disruption in your supply chain.
In this post, we’ll discuss true collaboration in the supply chain. 

Share Ideas, Not Just Information 
When it comes to supply chain management, collaboration is the name of the game. Companies are building the systems to collect and share vital supply chain information across their organizations as well as with vendors and suppliers. 

Today, it’s important to evolve from sharing data to sharing ideas Companies need to create a platform for communicating with every link in the supply chain as well as the ability to examine the information they have, brainstorm ideas, identify trends and share insight from every perspective. 

With an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP, you will have access to the right tools to predict what might happen tomorrow. 

Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides you with real-time access to data and metrics across your supply chain. In addition, you will have powerful built-in predictive analysis tools to help you identify trends, predict opportunities and make accurate cost and revenue projections. And with the ability to connect your supply chain, financial management, sales and marketing functions with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you get a comprehensive picture of your entire business. 

With the right data and a platform for collaboration, you’ll be able to change each link of your supply chain into an active business partner that can contribute to the success of your company. 

Next time, we’ll explore how Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you to make a big impact with big data. Until then, learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP by contacting The Resource Group.

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