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4 Services Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner Should Be Offering Your Business

- Tuesday, January 19, 2016

By Craig Mosier & Holly Miller Jones 

As today’s business climate continues to change, there’s a possibility you will need to find a new Microsoft Dynamics GP partner because your partner has gone out of business, merged with another or you’re simply not receiving the level of service you need. Ongoing, reliable support for your Dynamics GP system with experienced consultants is the obvious requirement, but here are 4 other important things to look for in a Dynamics GP partner.

Dynamics GP Dedicated Customer Account Manager

It’s important to have an account manager assigned to your business. A Customer Account Manager is dedicated to your account and is committed to understanding your business needs. They are your main contact, helping you better optimize your Dynamics GP solution. 

Regular Operational Reviews of Dynamics GP

Since your business needs, processes and goals change, the way you use your Dynamics GP solution may also change. One way to make sure your solution still meets the needs of your organization is to perform an operational review. An operational review is a regular assessment of how you’re using your Dynamics GP solution, reviewing daily processes, understanding how your business needs might have changed. The operational review is then written up, suggesting ways to leverage your software solution to meet those needs, ensuring your team is efficient and effective. 

System Review for Optimizing Performance 

In addition to an operational review, it’s also important to perform regular system reviews. An experienced System Engineer will dig through your Dynamics GP environment to make sure that it’s completely optimized. This will help you maximize your Dynamics GP performance. 

Dynamics GP Unlimited Support Plan

Nowadays, we all need rapid and convenient assistance. The benefit of an unlimited support plan for your Dynamics GP solution is that your team will have access to the answers they need, allowing them to quickly get back to the task at hand. 

Dynamics GP is one of the most robust accounting software solution for businesses. Make sure you’re getting the level of support you need for your business to help you utilize the solution to its fullest potential. Learn more about the support, services and software development The Resource Group offers for Dynamics GP by contacting us.

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