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3 Ways To Take The Pain Out Of Expense Reporting

Kim Anselmo - Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Preparing expense reports can be such a pain – they are often manual calculations that include an arts-and-crafts like assembly of receipts and supporting documents. Expense reporting also distracts employees from their jobs and delays the information that managers need to make important business decisions. Changing the way expenses are reported is necessary but employees are concerned about trading in one painful process for another. Download “How to Secure Buy In for Smarter Expense Reporting,” a short eBook fromConcur, to learn how to get buy-in from your employees, IT department, and management.

1. Talk to your people: Cover all your bases by talking to the employees that often complete expense reports and those that review them, as well as the financial department and IT department. Learn about the most common pain points experienced by your people and determine how much time is spent with reporting and approvals, as well as with the specialty software that may be used by employees and maintained by IT.

2. Share information about a new way to report expenses: A cloud-based expense reporting solution can save time, money, and improve the productivity of each person involved in the process. Employees can capture expenses as they happen and report them quickly and easily on their mobile devices from their destination. Cloud-services take the burden off of your IT department as well as reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive hardware or specialty software to buy or maintain. Your accounting team and management will enjoy also greater visibility into employee spending and be able to monitor cash flow and budgets in real-time.

3. Call in the experts: Schedule a meeting with your key employees and chosen software provider to learn more about the expense reporting technology that can alleviate the pain often associated with the task. Test drive the solution and show your colleagues how they can enter, approve, and track expenses in real-time.

Automating expense reporting by implementing cloud-based mobile services not only saves time and money, it can reduce risks such as fraud or the use of unapproved vendors. 
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2019 Accounting Software & Financial Management Buyer's Guide

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