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10 Reasons to Attend the Sage Intacct Advantage Conference

Will Cramer - Thursday, October 04, 2018

Sage Intacct’s Advantage conference has a lot of benefits to offer for those who choose to attend. Many current users and prospective clients of the best-of-breed accounting solution love their time at the Advantage; here at The Resource Group, we love attending Advantage as well. We highly recommend the conference to any professionals or organizations with an interest in staying current and competitive with their financials, meeting like-minded people, and having fun.

Here’s our list of 10 reasons why you should attend Sage Intacct Advantage:

1. Hear the annual product roadmap

In the annual product roadmap session, top executives from Sage Intacct reveal their plans for the solution in the coming year. This roadmap provides an overview of Sage Intacct’s annual vision, including upcoming feature releases and which development areas are in focus. In addition to concrete plans for upcoming features, Sage Intacct executives discuss their plans for the longer-term development of the product, and where it might head over the next 2-5 years. The product roadmap session is always exciting and inspiring to hear.

2. Choose a track or mix-and-match your breakout sessions

Breakout sessions  are tailored to specific industries and user types, and you can choose a “track” throughout, or you can mix and match topics to suit your needs. This allows attendees to get the most relevant content for them, ask specific questions, and meet experts who specialize in their industry or financial needs. All of this helps you stay up-to-date on market knowledge and maintain competitive professional skills.

3. Earn CPE credits from a wide variety of sessions

Advantage sessions offer many choices for those who need CPE credits. These options include everything from hands-on labs to industry breakout sessions to keynote speakers, which allows you to focus on the continuing education topics that are the most relevant and exciting to you.

4. Attend hands-on learning labs

Advantage offers hands-on learning labs on topics ranging from dashboards to creating custom reports. These expert-led labs allow you to log into your own environment or a test environment. You can learn basics and best practices step-by-step while experts are there to help you and answer questions.

Attending a lab is really helpful for both current and prospective users of Sage Intacct. For current users, you have the opportunity to learn in your own environment. For prospective users, you have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with Sage Intacct, as well as maybe a little bit of training before you even acquire the product.

5. Listen to great speakers

It’s always fun and inspiring to listen to all the knowledgeable speakers at the conference. Speakers include top executives from Sage Intacct, users with inspiring success stories, Partner resellers, and motivational speakers.

6. Learn about the future of the industry

In addition to learning a product roadmap for the next few years of Sage Intacct, you’ll hear speakers talk about the future of accounting in general, the long-term vision for Sage Intacct, and what sort of cool new technologies might revolutionize finance in the upcoming years.

7. Network with like-minded individuals and organizations

Sage Intacct Advantage offers lots of opportunities to meet and interact with like-minded organizations or people. You’re bound to meet some like-minded people at the sessions you attend, there are awesome networking and social events throughout the conference, and some meals are even set up for networking with others in your industry.

8. Bond with The Resource Group

We love the opportunity to spend time with our clients in person, share some of our expertise, and experience events together. Advantage  is a perfect occasion for us to get to know you more on both a professional and a personal level. We can learn more about how to be a better Partner to you, plus it’s just fun to hang out!

9. Discover more about third-party integrated products and sellers

The product Marketplace Expo is packed with folks showcasing their organization’s third-party integrated products. That means you can learn in-person about these popular products, and discover how they can benefit your organization. In addition, there are always fun giveaways and gadgets to collect.

10. Attend The Resource Group’s Customer Appreciation Dinner

The Resource Group loves this chance to show our appreciation for you. Each year at Advantage, we throw a customer-appreciation dinner that gives us a chance to say thank you for choosing to work with us. It’s a fun time to meet other clients of The Resource Group, and the food is always delicious.

Click here to hear from our Customer Account Manager, Kateri Garton!

This year, come join us at Sage Intacct Advantage! You’ll learn a lot, meet cool people, and have some fun while you’re there. We want to help you achieve your goal for attending Sage Intacct Advantage. To help start that conversation, please visit

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