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The Volunteers of America organizations are dedicated to helping those in need live healthy, safe, and productive lives. Their ministry of service has supported and empowered America’s most vulnerable groups, including veterans, seniors, people with disabilities, at-risk individuals, the homeless, and those recovering from addictions.

Just as the mission for your organizations can sometimes be difficult, managing the financials and business processes can also present challenge. With the help of Sage Intacct and The Resource Group, your Volunteers of America organization can have more time to focus on the mission by improving the management of financials, donor tracking, grant tracking and billing and easing the tracking of spending.

Sage Intacct is the Leading Accounting Software for Volunteers of America

Delivers Robust & Accurate Reporting

Are your current reports very time-consuming to create due to the many manual processes to produce reports via Excel? This is often the case for many nonprofits. Excel is a valuable tool, but because data is often required to be entered multiple times and because Excel formulas are subject to errors, data integrity and data confidence can suffer. 

Having stale and/or erroneous information could potentially have a detrimental effect on Volunteer of America's ability to make timely and accurate business decisions, ultimately negatively impacting the ROM (Return on Mission).

Sage Intacct offers a number of reporting tools such as a robust, easy-to-use financial report writer; a powerful, yet simple chart and graph creator; a potent and straightforward Dashboard creation utility; and a strong, yet uncomplicated custom report writer. With Sage Intacct, you can automatically create the following critical reports:

  • GAAP financial statements
  • Form 990 submissions 
  • FASB compliance reports 

NFP 990 Functional Expense Report

A major differentiation for Sage Intacct is its Dimensional Chart of Accounts (DCOA). Through the use of Dimensions, the DCOA provides for a much leaner and cleaner Chart of Accounts, but also eases data entry, and provides unparalleled reporting and dashboarding capabilities.

There are eight (8) Dimensions out-of-the-box with Sage Intacct:

  • Location 
  • Department 
  • Grant/Program 
  • Vendor 
  • Customer 
  • Employee 
  • Class 
  • Item 
These Dimensions can be re-labeled and re-purposed, if necessary. It is also possible to add an unlimited number of User-Defined Dimensions and in fact, nonprofits receive two (2) User-Defined Dimensions for free. Dimensions can be tagged as required on a per GL Account basis.

Spend Management to Control Spending and Give Visibility
If your Volunteers of America organization does not have the ability to monitor spending against grants, programs and/or related budgets, it can be extremely difficult for you to know if you have overspent or not. Grantors, for example, will often dictate exactly how much can be spent toward a specific line item or expense, so in order to get proper matching from the funder, it is incumbent upon the nonprofit organization to know exactly how much spend they have placed in these areas as to avoid overspending.

Spend Management for Nonprofits

Sage Intacct provides an application called Spend Management which validates expenditures, and, if it's enabled, committed expenses against the budget to let you know if an expense exceeds the set limits.

The Spend Management feature in Sage Intacct:

  • Integrates with the organization's budget 
  • Provides insight into the expenditure process and shows where spending occurs 
  • Can automatically stop over-budget spending, especially in situations where adherence to a budget is critical, such as with grants and contracts 
  • Assists in better control and planning through system control 

Grant Management Within the Accounting System
Many nonprofits manage their grants in Excel or another outside application. Managing grants and programs outside of the accounting system causes lost time and introduces the possibility of data integrity and data congruency issues. Time can be lost in a number of ways when managing grants outside the accounting system, but two of the biggest offenders are time spent entering data into multiple systems and time spent reconciling the data between systems.

Data congruency between systems can become out of sync, which can cause a discrepancy in reporting and ultimately lead to poor decision-making.

Sage Intacct offers a robust Projects application that, in addition to offering outstanding project accounting and project management functionality, is flexible enough to use for grant or program management, as well.


The Projects application is fully integrated to other applications – such as General Ledger, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Order Entry, Accounts Receivable, and Time and Expenses – which makes it easy to effectively track revenue and expenditures, and produce the proper billing for things such as grants or programs.

Because the Projects application utilizes a Dimension within the Dimensional Chart of Accounts, reporting on grants, or programs is powerful and easy.

Integrate to Donor Tracking System
Without an integration, transactions must be either manually entered or imported, both of which can take a great deal of time. These situations can also cause data integrity issues and consume a lot of time in the reconciliation process between the two systems.  

Sage Intacct offers a Web Services API. The Web Services API allows one to send data to external code to do the heavy lifting and return values back to Sage Intacct custom objects and many standard objects. Or, in the case of external web-based solutions, Web Services can be used to integrate external applications with objects within Sage Intacct. The API works as a gateway to create, update, read, and delete data. Many standard objects also have preset functions that can be called to process data. 

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