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Focus on Your Mission, Not on IT

Whether you're a trade association, charity, a professional society, or otherwise, there's nothing simple about managing the financials of a nonprofit association. The day-to-day challenges of memberships, dues collections, fundraising, budgeting, and reporting do not let up. It may seem as if you need to build a technology empire just to handle these demands.

What if there was accounting software that worked so well  it gave you clarity on your financials and left you with more time to focus on your association's mission—accounting software that left your sanity intact...?

Sage Intacct Cloud ERP for Associations

Discover what associations around the world have come to rely upon: Sage Intacct is the leading provider of cloud-based financial management and accounting software for associations because it streamlines every aspect of financial planning, management and reporting while being cost-effective and user-friendly.

The Cloud and Mobile

Why Cloud Accounting Software?

As a cloud-based system, Sage Intacct provides secure, 24/7 access to your association's financial and operational data from anywhere an Internet connection is available. There's no need to buy software, hardware or any infrastructure. A reasonable subscription fee puts the system at your fingertips as a modest monthly expense instead of a costly capital investment.

Other benefits include employees being able to log hours and expenses remotely, stakeholders being able to access reports and documents anytime and simultaneously, and managers being able to view task or project level accounting that is tied to the funding source and tracked across multiple fiscal periods. Remote transaction approval also eliminates having to constantly seek out  people for information on simple transactions. 

Intacct cloud accounting software is managed around the clock by Intacct experts and operated through high-security IBM data centers, so you need not worry about downtime or intrusions.

Nonprofit Operational & Financial Visibility

Sage Intacct is the first and only financial management and accounting system that provides a rich multi-dimensional, multi-ledger system which allows you to easily capture granular financial and operational data in exactly the same way you manage your association.

You can use Sage Intacct to gain real-time visibility into all aspects of your association's finances using powerful general ledger and sub-ledgers to:

  • Analyze revenue and margin by event, product or member type
  • Understand the performance of your association by location or team
  • Obtain the true cost performance for each of your projects and programs
  • Track the revenue and expense tied to each volunteer, member or employee or any other aspect unique to your association

Achieve World-Class Stewardship of Funds

Sage Intacct's fund accounting enables you to track an unlimited number of sources for funds—including grants, endowments or donations—and you can tie time and expenses at the employee, task or project level back to one or more sources of funds.

Because programs may run for many years, Sage Intacct gives you the ability to configure all reporting, analysis, modeling and planning across fiscal periods and to span multiple fiscal periods.

Save time and money with Sage Intacct's flexible workflow and approval processes, which make it easy to define multiple approval levels for various sized transactions. Sage Intacct automatically routes any associated documents to the correct individuals for their approval, notifying them by email to take action. No need to deliver paper checks for signature — approvers just log into the system, review the documents and approve electronically. 

Intacct Efficiency

Accelerate Billing & Collections

Who doesn't want their money sooner? The more quickly and accurately you generate invoices from dues, orders, subscriptions, events or other revenue sources, the faster you can collect.

Sage Intacct helps speed invoicing cycles by automatically generating invoices from timesheets, expenses, purchases and accounts payable transactions. It includes extensive automation for recurring billing with flexible scheduling—and if your account management team uses Salesforce CRM, it can even automatically create renewal opportunities in Salesforce so your account managers can engage your members ahead of their renewal.

Sage Intacct eliminates manual data re-entry and provides more accurate billing, reducing conflict with your members and accelerating your billing and collection cycles.

Tailored, Efficient & Worry-Free

There are so many benefits for associations using Sage Intacct that it's difficult to lay out everything here, so we recommend viewing a demo, downloading a free trial or requesting a live, one-on-one demo.

When you're ready to move your nonprofit to a robust financial management solution like Sage Intacct, it will free you to focus on your mission and provide first-rate service to your members.

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Features of Intacct for Nonprofits

  • Integration with purchasing activities
  • Duration control for certain transactions
  • Dimensional validation (like location or department) that categorizes budget limits by dimension
  • Configuration by purchasing transaction types
  • Customizable reporting for use by grantors, committees and boards

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