Case Study: Wesley Homes

Retirement Organization Increases Efficiency, Realizes Potential of Software System

"I like the fact that I can use as little or as much of Microsoft Dynamics GP as I want. Plus, I don't have to implement all the functionality at one time. That way, it's not overwhelming for my staff."
John Feneis, Controller, Wesley Homes

Wesley Homes provides housing and services to senior citizens in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. A not-for-profit organization with big growth plans, Wesley Homes sought to ensure that it was making the most of its investment in technology. Working with Microsoft Gold Certified Partner The Resource Group, Wesley Homes undertook a comprehensive review of its business and technologies and found that it was not using its Microsoft Dynamics GP financial management system to its fullest potential. As a result, its accounting staff spent too much time handling paperwork, performing manual processes, and duplicating efforts. With help from The Resource Group, Wesley homes upgraded Microsoft Dynamics GP to include new functionality to more efficiently process transactions, simplify budgeting and purchasing processes, improve banking operations, and better accommodate future growth.

Since 1944, Wesley Homes has provided high-quality care to members of the elder population in the Pacific Northwest. A faith-based organization affiliated with the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Methodist Church, Wesley Homes provides a comprehensive network of housing and services, including residential homes and apartments, assisted living, home healthcare, and skilled nursing care. In addition to the services Wesley Homes provides, it also operates the Wesley Homes Foundation, which raises funds to help meet the current and future needs of residents and to provide critical funding for operations.

Wesley Homes seeks to provide outstanding care while keeping a firm rein on costs and getting maximum productivity from existing resources. For example, it recently increased the use of internal resources to remodel facilities, thereby cutting costs by reducing the number of outside contractors for remodeling and maintenance.

The organization's commitment to do more with less applies to its accounting department as well. Wesley Homes implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP as its financial management system in 1999. Upon taking over as Controller in June 2008, John Feneis evaluated the accounting department and noticed that the four accounting and two payroll employees were sometimes performing manual processes and duplicating efforts. Feneis suspected that the department could make better use of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Feneis asked the company's Seattle-based Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, The Resource Group, to conduct an assessment of the accounting department's operations and software. "We needed to know what we as a department were doing, how we were doing it, and what we needed to be doing to be able to accommodate our future growth," Feneis says.

With help from The Resource Group, Wesley Homes set out to realize the full benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP. "When Wesley Homes came to us with the goal of using their existing platform to increase operational efficiency, we got to do what we like best: solve real business problems with technology, " says Neil Smith, Professional Services Manager at The Resource Group. To help increase efficiency and reduce manual processes, The Resource Group deployed Purchase Order Processing, Inventory Management, and Bank Reconciliation for GP, as well as Microsoft Forecaster and InterCompany Postings.

Although Wesley Homes is currently still deploying the additional functionality for its system, the changes made so far have helped its accounting department reduce manual and duplicate processes and operate more quickly and efficiently. This, in turn, will allow the department to take on additional responsibilities as Wesley Homes continues to grow.

Wesley Homes has been impressed with The Resource Group's dedication to meeting its business needs. "They have bent over backwards helping us with what is truly a massive organizational transition project," Feneis explains. "I've worked with four different consultants from The Resource Group. They all know exactly what's happening with our project and what they need to be doing for us. They've really been a great group to work with!"

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