Case Study: SOG Specialty Knives

The Business Need
SOG Specialty Knives started some 25 years ago with a simple philosophy–to create innovative products that stood apart from the pack. While the company has grown, the commitment to that philosophy has remained constant. SOG Specialty Knives was acquired by a private equity group in January of 2009, putting in place a new management team which had a need for information to meet their objectives of further business insight into sales and profitability, which was not previously easily accessible.

Identifying the Right Business Intelligence Tool
The Resource Group, SOG Knives' Microsoft Dynamics® GP Partner, recommended deploying Analysis Cubes. The cubes provide greater access to sales data, allowing deeper insight into which customers were top performers with regard to sales and profitability. In addition, the cubes would easily rank top selling items within each customer. This allowed SOG to determine which new SKU's being introduced in the following year would sell best based upon successful historical sales of similar products.

The Results
Deployment of the Analysis Cubes for Microsoft Dynamics GP allowed the sales department to quickly and easily pull complete sales information by customer, item and period. As part of the sales forecast and annual budgeting, SOG could analyze what top customers did in terms of dollars, units and SKU's. This data is now easily pulled via a cube report pivot table and summarized in a concise and orderly fashion.

Prior to implementing Analysis Cubes the process was to run a separate report for each customer and a set period then export to Excel. Analysis Cubes now allows the same sort of data, but offers several advantages. Periodicity allows the pulling of data by day, week, month, quarter or year. It also provides subtotals by period as well as a summary across all periods.

"An example would be sales for our top customers by month with totals for each year and summary total for 2009 through 2011," says Greg Matty, Controller of SOG Knives. "In SOG's case, pulling data like this drives annual sales forecasts which in turn drives our budgeting process. In addition, all monthly reports for sales reps and vendors are created in a similar manner," continued Matty.

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