Case Study: Scott's Dental Supply

Business Situation

Scott's Dental stocks more than 10,000 products and processes around 200 phone, mail and online orders every day from their headquarters and warehouse in Gig Harbor, Washington. Common to growing businesses, paper-based processes were still in place causing serious bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Though the company had been using Microsoft Dynamics® GP for 11 years, the system was not being utilized as effectively as it could be. When an order was received, the information was keyed into the system, but inventory was not allocated at that time which made it difficult to know what products were in stock and available. Backorders were handled separate from the original order so when an item came in, staff had to find and pull the paperwork from the filing cabinet. As order volume increased by 20% over a two-year period, so did the paperwork and the number of employees required to manage it. To keep their prices competitive, it was imperative to find ways to reduce overhead costs. "We're very proud of our customer service and all that paperwork really started bogging down our ability to handle orders and backorders as timely as we would like. We needed help brainstorming ideas of how we could improve our current processes and put more efficiencies into Microsoft Dynamics GP," explains President, Scott Bigler.


Scott knew he wanted to stay with Microsoft Dynamics GP, but felt his reseller couldn't adequately support larger companies. Having successfully worked with The Resource Group before, he thought they would be an excellent partner to help him streamline the business. The Resource Group got right to work and wanted to first gain an overall understanding of key pain points throughout the organization. They asked Scott's Dental employees to start thinking about areas for improvement so they were prepared for the in-depth operational review that followed. The Resource Group team interviewed multiple people across departments to learn more about the issues from each employee's perspective, and then spent time walking through their routine processes to identify any problem areas that might have been missed. The operational review performed by The Resource Group revealed where, how and why bottlenecks were happening which helped them identify and recommend several ways to streamline orders and backorder processes. By upgrading to the most recent version of Microsoft Dynamics GP with Perpetual Licensing, Scott's Dental would receive the Advanced Distribution modules with Advanced Order Allocation at no additional software cost. These new distribution features alone would greatly improve the company's ability to accelerate backorders and save employees 8 hours per week of manual work. Additional improvements to operational processes and system functionality were recommended and listed by The Resource Group. Each item was discussed in detail with Scott and prioritized so the company could address their challenges in a manageable phased approach. Once the initial scope was determined, the upgrade to the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics GP was scheduled at a convenient time to reduce downtime and disruption to business operations. "From the time we first met with The Resource Group to the time we went live with our upgrade was only a couple of weeks. We really appreciated that they were willing to upgrade our systems remotely over the weekend. They were here on Monday morning and had us up and running by that afternoon. Everything went very smoothly," says Scott.

Benefits and Outcomes

Streamlined Order Processing

The Resource Group simplified the entire order, fulfillment and invoicing process for Scott's Dental. Previously, orders had to be manually entered and invoiced with no link to inventory resulting in redundancy and errors. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, employees can easily generate purchase orders and get products to their customers faster and easier than before. Mounds of paperwork have been replaced by automation saving employees 6 hours of manual entry per day.

Automated Backorders

Backorders used to be a disconnected and cumbersome task for employees. Now, when an item is on backorder, it stays with the original order throughout the life of that order and invoice instead of getting stuck in a filing cabinet. This has eliminated many redundancies and errors, streamlined accounting operations and enhanced customer service.

Real-time Inventory Management

Scott's Dental stocks more than 10,000 products in their warehouse and uses a third-party system for inventory management. The Resource Group was able to connect their data with their order and backorder processes giving them a real-time view of what was in stock. Additionally, when an order or backorder is generated, inventory is immediately allocated now. Overall, inventory control has been a major benefit giving Scott the strategic insight to order and stock the right products at the right time.

Accelerated Customer Service

Scott's Dental always puts their customer first and the new capabilities put in place by The Resource Group have enabled them to provide better, faster and more accurate service. "Ultimately, the end goal is customer satisfaction. We've got the tools now to get a better picture of what our customers want and to enhance their overall experience and service while keeping our prices low. That's significant for us," says Scott.

Reduced Overhead and IT Costs

With a combination of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Perpetual Licensing and process improvements implemented by The Resource Group, Scott's Dental has improved productivity without adding labor or IT expenses. "The solutions designed by Resource Group have essentially given us the equivalent of a full-time employee. We are now in a great position to manage future growth and sustain a competitive advantage without having to add more staff or software," says Scott.

Third-Party Data Integration

Scott's Dental also uses several add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP, including Rockton's SmartFill, Avalara's AvaTax and Blue Moon Industries' Freight Matrix. The Resource Group worked directly with the individual software vendors to ensure their third-party data was integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

No More Piles of Paper

The Resource Group has drastically reduced the amount of paper Scott's Dental was dealing with on a daily basis. Not only are they saving on the cost to buy and store the paper, but employees are no longer chasing files saving them time and frustration.

Scott's Dental employees have been extremely pleased with the positive outcomes from their Microsoft Dynamics GP upgrade and their relationship with The Resource Group. Currently, the teams are working together to implement additional improvements including integrating their online store with Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as expanding analytics and reporting capabilities.

"The Resource Group did a great job identifying and communicating what our needs are and helping us understand how to do the project correctly. They came up with ideas we wouldn't have thought about on our own and made sure we were using our software and tools effectively," says Scott. "The return on investment will be huge for us in efficiency gains alone. It frees us up to focus on growing the business instead of just maintaining it."

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