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To Whom It May Concern:

Our adventure with The Resource Group and Microsoft Dynamics GP began when we were searching for a comprehensive inventory tracking system. After several investigative and planning meetings with The Resource Group, we realized the efficiencies and productivity we could gain by utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP, an integrated accounting software package. We also were attracted to the flexible reporting features and the functionality from an end-user's standpoint. Our initial purchase included Microsoft Dynamics GP, FRx, Integration Manager, Anyview Creator, Business Portal, and CRM. This past year, we purchased Smartlist Builder, Analysis Cubes and Key Performance Indicators. Leveraging on this technology helps us manage our business effectively and with ease.

The relationship between our organization, Microsoft Dynamics GP and The Resource Group has been strong and cohesive from the first day we talked about working together. The communication has been clear, concise and always professional. Through our initial implementation and current projects, it is noticed that listening to the customer has always been a focal point for The Resource Group. We have appreciated their attention to detail and patience with our account. They have been able to provide viable solutions even if the software out of the box was not meeting our unique business needs. We have made many positive changes to our business processes by selecting Microsoft Dynamics GP and partnering with The Resource Group. Some of those changes are increased controls, improved accuracy, smoother integrations, enhanced reporting and having our information at our finger tips!

The Resource Group excels at keeping their customers informed with technology and upcoming events. As a customer, we feel knowledgeable and aware of our options. They have done a solid job of understanding our current and future business needs so that they can continue to offer solutions for us. We feel that our account is important to The Resource Group no matter how big or small our project is. We look forward to continue to build our relationship with The Resource Group and Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Debbie Lodge
Director of Accounting
PRO Sports Club
Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer

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