The Resource Group's Dynamics GP Mainstream Support Policy

As you may know, Microsoft ends mainstream support for each version of Microsoft Dynamics GP five years after its release date. We refer to this as a software’s “end of life.” This means that Microsoft will no longer offer any bug fixes and patches, end-of-year service packs, or mainstream technical support. In addition, third-party compatible apps will no longer be updated.

This is extremely important if your business uses Microsoft Dynamics GP for payroll, as Microsoft will no longer provide those end-of-year service packs with all of the payroll and tax updates for the following year. Additionally, we often find clients want us to help them improve their processes which often requires some of the additional features offered in later versions (such as workflows).

Finally, older versions of Dynamics GP eventually are no longer compatible with other updated IT infrastructures. For example, if your IT team wants to upgrade the servers to Microsoft SQL 2017, some older versions of Dynamics GP are not compatible.

The Resource Group strives to provide the highest level of support possible for its Dynamics GP clients. In order to do this we need to ensure we are able to receive mainstream support and bug fixes from Microsoft, and that our technical team has the necessary expertise to support the version of software you are on.

Because of this, it is our policy to only support clients who are on versions of Dynamics GP which are covered under Microsoft’s mainstream support.

Ready to Upgrade Dynamics GP?

If you are running an older version of Dynamics GP, please note that The Resource Group is extending our support of versions outside mainstream support through March 1, 2019. If we have spoken with you about an upgrade and it is extending beyond that, we will work with you to accommodate. Contact us today to start the upgrade process for your Dynamics GP solution.

Please give your customer account manager a call at 844.287.4760 or email us.