Dynamics GP for Food & Beverage

The food and beverage distribution industry faces many business obstacles, including low profit margins, increased regulatory pressures and growing customer demands of flexible services. Internal inefficiencies and a lack of integrated systems are often the cause of eroding profits, diminishing customer service and slow growth. In order to compete successfully as a distributor it is important you meet your business needs head on with an integrated business software solution that delivers results.

Through the Microsoft Dynamics GP platform, The Resource Group will help you get a flexible, integrated management software solution that addresses food safety, increases your supply chain efficiency and allows you to meet ever-changing customer demands.

Comply with Food Safety Regulations
Ensuring food safety compliance is by far one of the main priorities for food and beverage companies. There are strict guidelines for compliance that could be detrimental to your business if not met completely and effectively. Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you meet the requirements by giving you an integrated business software solution that will provide you with:

  • Complete recall traceability of products
  • Metrics and tracking for individual warehouses and departments
  • Reduced food spoilage and lower inventory costs by delivering demand signals directly from sales and retailers to purchasing

Increase Supply Chain Efficiency
The supply chains of food and beverage distributors are under strain due to complex outsourcing, compliance, and legacy technology issues. Microsoft Dynamics GP allows food and beverage distribution companies to deal with both upstream and downstream supply-chain issues easier by:

  • Tightening delivery times and schedules by processing orders with shorter lead times
  • Automating logistics planning to minimize fuel consumption and infrastructure costs
  • Streamlining business systems to speed order picking by 2X to 6X with powerful, integrated solutions
  • Allowing distributors to significantly increase volume without increasing the size of the building or staff

Meet Growing Customer Demands
Your customers are demanding new services — reports, RFID implementations, shipping schedules, and packaging — which is forcing you to be much more flexible. Microsoft Dynamics GP makes it easier for food and beverage organizations to meet customer demands by:

  • Accurately tracking shipping and delivery of parts by integrating data-collection functionality with ERP
  • Supporting the use of RFID and bar codes to help lower costs while improving customer service
  • Implementing custom processes to support individual retailers' needs

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