Dynamics GP for Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) distributors face many challenges selling to the fiercely competitive and rapidly evolving retail industry. Intense price stress at the retail level puts downward pressure on distributors and leads to smaller margins. In addition, there are growing distribution challenges because it's not only mail order and catalog sales that are popular, distributors also must respond to Internet services such as online stores, auctions, and internet-based direct marketing.

The Resource Group helps CPG distributors to be successful by implementing the Microsoft Dynamics GP software solution, which enables them to respond quickly to changing markets, keep a close eye on order fulfillment and monitor inventory levels. Microsoft Dynamics GP is an integrated business software solution that enables CPG distributors to:

  • Reduce inefficient processes and excess inventory
  • Improve order fulfillment and accuracy
  • Implement and utilize the latest technologies including RFID, bar codes and EPCs.

Increase Supply Chain Efficiency
Supply chains for CPG distributors are under strain due to complex outsourcing, compliance, and legacy technology issues. The Resource Group offers business management solutions and processes that make it easier for CPG companies to deal with both upstream and downstream supply chain issues by:

  • Allowing easy and efficient real-time access to inventory, customer order status, sales, purchasing, and financial information across multiple locations
  • Improving accountability by implementing metric setting and tracking for individual plants
  • Streamlining data flows across the organization, allowing every department within the company to work with the same data for real-time decision making

Gain Flexibility to Meet Retailers Demand
Your customers are demanding new services — reports, RFID implementations, shipping schedules, and packaging, forcing CPGs to offer a great deal of flexibility. Microsoft Dynamics GP makes it easier for CPG Distribution companies to increase operational flexibility by:

  • Accurately tracking shipping and delivery of parts by integrating data collection functionality with ERP
  • Supporting the use of RFID and bar codes to help lower costs while improving customer service
  • Implementing custom processes to support individual retailers' needs

Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution: How to Improve Order Entry Efficiency