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Microsoft Dynamics GP High Tech & SaaS Overview

Dynamics GP for High Technology & SaaS

Businesses in the software industry face many day-to-day challenges. The most common are related to fast growth and constant change. Significant employee and revenue growth can take years for many traditional businesses. However, high technology firms can experience this type of growth in months. As such, you need a business software solution that deploys quickly, changes structure easily, and can scale as volume increases.

Top challenges we help software companies overcome include:

  • Integration to eCommerce engines and sites for billing
    Many of our high tech companies have billing systems which are built and maintained in-house in order to satisfy their unique business model. With our expertise and tool set we can eliminate the problems associated with double entry or disparate systems by integrating those solutions with Microsoft Dynamics GP, so you have a seamless billing, financial, and customer management solution.
  • Project accounting to track development costs
    If you are a software or hardware development shop we can help you track time and material costs for each of your projects.
  • Revenue recognition
    For companies who deal with service plans or subscription-based billing, we can implement a solution that takes your revenue recognition model and have it automatically calculate and integrate with your general ledger. Many of our customers previously used an Excel spreadsheet to track and then manually entered the data.
  • Recurring and Subscription Billing
    We provide automated and integrated billing solutions within your ERP solution. Regardless of whether your data originates within the ERP solution or an application external to ERP, we can provide those periodic billings to your customers. Learn more about subscription and recurring billing.
  • Credit Card processing and ACH processing
    If you bill your customers' credit cards or do an ACH withdrawal for your billing this becomes an automated process, which can help you manage declines, expiration dates, etc.
  • Integrated CRM and ERP
    Gain productivity, increased sales and improved customer satisfaction with an integrated CRM and ERP solution. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP provides an out-of-the-box, fully integrated solution for getting that 360 degree view of your customer, and streamlines internal processes.
  • Royalties
    Many service or eCommerce models deal with royalty issues. We have experience integrating, building or using an ISV (Eclipse) to support them.


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