Dynamics GP for Medical Laboratories

The Resource Group has a deep understanding of the unique needs of medical laboratories, including a streamlined process for inventory control, materials management and insight into real-time inventory value. Over the years, we have gained important industry expertise and developed proven solutions to meet these needs. The Resource Group provides Microsoft Dynamics GP software, as well as our industry-specific solutions designed to help your medical laboratory achieve optimal efficiency and success.

The Resource Group's Business Software Solution for Medical Laboratories

  • Streamlined Process for Internal Consumption of Inventory
    Employees can order items from a central warehouse or from external vendors. The system automatically determines whether an item is stocked internally or needs to be ordered from a vendor. Internal items are picked, packed and shipped just as they would be in a typical distribution scenario. Once delivered, the system associates the cost of the items to the specific department or lab for accurate financial reporting.

  • Integrated Website for Clients' Supplies
    Clients can order supplies directly online. Orders are automatically sent to Microsoft Dynamics GP to be picked, packed and shipped. Business rules can be applied regarding which items can be ordered and how many. Clients can receive the items at no charge.

  • Manage Vendor Contracts and Costs
    Contracts with vendors for specific item costs can be entered or imported into the system so that agreed-to costs are adhered to. Contract start and end dates are maintained so you can be notified by the system months before a contract expires.

  • Accurately Capture Inventory Costs
    By leveraging the power of the Microsoft Dynamics GP distribution series, you can capture real-time inventory value and item costs. This provides enhanced visibility into profitability by department or lab.

  • Materials Management
    The Resource Group knows that materials management for the healthcare industry is unique because of the nature of the materials you are handling, compliance issues, as well as the quality needs related to your industry. Using our solution you can identify unique information about sensitive items such as reagents. Important information — such as storage requirements, lot tracking, whether or not something is radioactive, or if an item is a controlled substance — is tracked and managed throughout the life cycle of the product. This is particularly helpful for handling of these items between receipt into the warehouse to delivery of the items to the laboratories in which they are used.

Medical Laboratory Customer Examples

Arup Labs

"The Resource Group are doers. Before they got involved, ARUP spent years wrestling with this problem and did not make any significant progress on it. Once The Resource Group was weighed-in, a timetable was set, and we met it. One of the best decisions in my career was the day we hired you. Thanks for the great support."

Kent C. Gordon
Vice President and Controller
ARUP Laboratories