Dynamics GP for Health & Medical Clinics

The Resource Group has learned from previous customers the unique needs of multi-site clinics. Over the years, we have gained important industry expertise and have developed proven solutions to meet these needs, including the ability to manage multiple locations, materials management and payroll. The Resource Group provides Microsoft Dynamics GP software as well as our industry-specific solutions designed to help your clinic achieve optimal efficiency and success.

Key Elements of Microsoft Dynamics GP Solution for Multi-site Clinics

  • Managing Multiple Entities and Locations
    Many healthcare organizations have complex requirements for tracking financial information for each of their clinics or locations. Oftentimes, organizations have multiple legal entities each with distinct reporting and compliance requirements. Microsoft Dynamics GP combines strong functionality with flexibility in how it can be configured to handle these requirements. Rest assured, Microsoft Dynamics GP will allow you to easily manage your accounts, vendors and employees across your multiple entities. Whether you configure your system in one database or many, your consultant at The Resource Group will be there to guide you so that you can make the correct decision for your organization.
  • Web-Based Requisition Management
    Employees can process requisitions for inventory and non-inventory items using a web-based application. After going through an approval process, purchase orders are created within Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Human Resources and Payroll
    Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a solid Human Resources and Payroll solution for healthcare providers. It handles complex issues such as benefits processing and shift differentials. Integrated time clock solutions are also available to streamline the payroll process.
  • Materials Management
    The Resource Group knows that materials management for the healthcare industry is unique because of the nature of the materials you are handling, compliance issues, and quality needs related to your industry. Using our solution you can identify unique information about sensitive items such as reagents. Important information — such as storage requirements, lot tracking, whether or not something is radioactive, or if an item is a controlled substance — is tracked and managed throughout the life cycle of the product. This is particularly helpful for handling of these items between receipt into the warehouse to the delivery of the items to the laboratories in which they are used. We also have solutions enabling employees to electronically order items from a central warehouse, which are then processed through a normal pick, pack, and ship process.

Multi-Site Clinics Customer Examples