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Companies, no matter their size or industry, have come to realize that their employee base is their most valuable asset. Yet, most human resource and payroll departments find themselves challenged to operate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. They rely on labor-intensive manual processes to execute critical employee tasks and activities. Many human resource and payroll teams are forced to maintain the majority of employee records in hard copy, which further wastes time and money. As a result, these departments account for a larger portion of a company's operating budget.

Key Benefits of Fully Automating Your Human Resource and Payroll Management System
A Human Resources Management Solution (HRMS) is expected to help you eliminate manual administrative procedures, increase the efficiency of your human resources and payroll teams, and significantly minimize the costs associated with acquiring staff members and administering to all facets of their employment. The demands of an HRMS are growing now. It also needs to help you drive a company's continuous development and sustained growth. It should include the skills, abilities, and knowledge base of an entire workforce. Implementing a strong human resource and payroll process is a vital discipline that combines technology systems with advanced methodologies to help businesses effectively build, manage, and maintain their people assets.

Top 4 Questions to Consider When Selecting Your Next HRMS

1. Is it easy to customize?
Each business, and the way it runs its human resources and payroll department, is unique so the "one size fits all" approach simply won't work. The application you choose should have the ability to be custom-tailored to your specific workflows and procedures by both you and your selected implementation Partner.

2. Does the solution have strong analytics?
A strong HRMS will help you understand the trends and patterns that impact a workforce, and will let you use that insight to develop the most successful employee acquisition and retention strategies possible. The solution should incorporate in-depth analytical capabilities such as turnover rates, tracking the average length of service, the strengths and weaknesses in the employee base, and the return on recruitment and retention dollars.

3. Does the solution have integrated Payroll and Time?
Whether you outsource your payroll or manage internally, choose a system that can seamlessly share data with those systems. This would include how employees enter their time. For example, if you have employees on a time clock, you should have the ability to integrate that time clock with your payroll and human resources solution, as well as your General Ledger accounts to eliminate the time of duplicate entry.

4. Can employees conduct Self-Service type activities with the solution?
Employees want easier access to their own information and the easier way to deliver that is through a secure Intranet or Portal. Make sure your new solution allows employees, managers and administrative staff greater access so they can update their own personal information and review benefits without submitting paperwork. This portal should also be flexible enough to collect employee time and expenses if you choose. This will help save time, reduce cost for your business and increase service to employees without adding overhead.

The Resource Group Implements Microsoft Dynamics GP Human Resources with Payroll and Employee Self-Service to Meet Customer's Growing Needs
The Resource Group helps companies automate their human resources and payroll business processes with Microsoft Dynamics GP, formerly known as Great Plains Software. Our solution helps companies fully meet their automation requirements related to Human Resources, Payroll and Employee Self-Service. Microsoft Dynamics GP Human Resources solution has:

  • Flexible customization options to meet each business' unique needs
  • Integrated Payroll to help your staff handle complex and changing payroll requirements
  • An HRM Self-Service Suite to allow employees to submit timecards, request time off and enter or update personal information online
  • Strong reporting tool options such as Excel Report Builder, SQL Reporting Services and an assortment of out-of-the-box reports which can be utilized as is or modified easily to fit your unique requirements

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