Budgeting, Forecasting & Dashboards for Sage Intacct

There are two great budgeting and forecasting solutions we recommend for your Sage Intacct accounting software solution, Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning and Solver's BI360 Corporate Performance Management solution.

Simple & Effective Budgeting & Planning

Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning (SIBP) has the powerful functionality smaller businesses need yet is easy-to-use and fast to deploy. It can truly replace Excel for budgeting and planning.

SIBP includes collaboration, forecasting, modeling, and security to handle multiple scenarios, complex calculations, and the workforce.

Watch the Sage Intacct Budgeting & Planning Quick Overview

Sage Intacct Budgeting & Planning Quick Overview Video

Deploy SIBP in Days

In just days, not weeks or months, you can go live on SIBP.


From an intuitive user interface and design to Excel-like formulas and point and click model capabilities, the focus of the product is to be easy for finance to adopt and manage AND for department heads to use.

SIBP is Sage Intacct Ready

There is a native connection with Sage Intacct which means you can seamlessly share data and dimensions, so your plan, budgets, and actuals remain synchronized.

Watch how to create a budget in Sage Intacct Budgeting & Planning

BI360 Corporate Performance Management

BI360 provides a complete Excel and web-based suite, comprised of Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboard and pre-configured Data Warehouse solutions that integrates to all of your data sources for complete insight. BI360 can easily setup to integrate with your important business applications to help you have visibility to your business critical data.

BI360 Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting

Because BI360 comes with out-of-the-box integration to Sage Intacct, it only takes a fraction of the time to implement compared to other Business Intelligence solutions on the market.

Key Benefits of BI360 for Sage Intacct

  • Powerful Excel- and web-based financial and operational reporting and consolidations for flexible budgeting and forecasting
  • Dashboards
  • Data warehouse that combines data from multiple systems, such as Sage Intacct & Salesforce
  • Strong social collaboration module to improve communication and decision-making
  • Business user driven, not dependent on IT
Watch how you can streamline your budget with BI360.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning


BI360 Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting Flyer

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