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NCsoft Transitions to The Resource Group for Accounting Software Services

Kim Anselmo - Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Communication, responsiveness and expertise cited as key reasons for the transition.

RENTON, WA – The Resource Group has entered into an agreement with NCsoft, a leading publisher and developer of multiplayer online games, to provide services for the company’s Microsoft Dynamics® GP software platform. The Resource Group is a Renton, WA-based leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly, Great Plains) accounting and business management software solutions.

According to Gary Beebe, Sr. Program Manager, Finance for NCsoft, one of the reasons NCsoft decided to transition to The Resource Group was the expertise and breadth of the company’s training classes. Beebe also cites The Resource Group’s good communication, responsiveness as well as team expertise in NCsoft’s recent Microsoft Forecaster® rapid deployment and training project. Microsoft Forecaster is a budgeting and forecasting tool designed to help companies gain control of the budgeting processes to help save time and money, increase accountability, and make confident decisions.

“NCsoft installed the Microsoft Forecaster product with the intention of reducing the internal resource cost of the budget process,” said Beebe. “We completed the configuration stage of Forecaster for the 2012 budget cycle and based on our initial analysis, expect a cost savings of 80% on internal resources in the finance department alone and a 40%-50% cost savings on internal in the business units during preparation. We also no longer need to worry about version control and our users are empowered to view and edit budget information at their demand, rather than requesting the report from finance and waiting for it to be created.”

“We are pleased that NCsoft has selected The Resource Group as their service provider for their Microsoft Dynamics GP system,” said Marty Schillaci, CEO, The Resource Group. “We look forward to developing a long-term, trusted relationship as their business continues to evolve.”

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NCsoft, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, is the world's premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games, including the critically acclaimed Aion®, Lineage®, Guild Wars®, and City of Heroes® franchises. Announced in August 2011, WildStar™ is the newest MMO being developed by internal team Carbine Studios. NCsoft West is a division of NCsoft that holds operating responsibilities for North America, Europe, South America, and Australia/New Zealand. More information can be found at