Create Powerful Financial Reporting
with BI360 Reporting Module

Financial and operational reporting is a critical function for every business today,
regardless of your industry. Though many ERP, financial management and accounting
software packages have a reporting included, we find many of the finance folks prefer
the BI360 tool because of its Excel-based functionality. 

As an Excel- and web-based report writer that can connect live to popular ERP/Accounting Software/Financial Management packages and CRM systems, and to the BI360 Data Warehouse, BI360 Reporting is designed for financial reporting, consolidations, as well as various types of operational reporting.

With all or a majority of the reports built with BI360 Reporting, organizations typically find that they now get 80% of their analysis and reporting done with 20% of the effort it previously required

BI360 Report: Profit and Loss

BI360 Financial Report Profit and Loss

Watch how to create relevant reports in BI360.

BI360 Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting Flyer

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