Sage Intacct Project Accounting Software

Profitable Projects from Start to Finish

With Sage Intacct Projects, all your time, expense, and project data—accounting, financial and non-financial—is tracked and visible in one place. You can view the profitability of each project and automate exactly the processes you need: from tracking costs, time, and expenses to managing resources, billing, and revenue recognition. You will acquire deep insights that will keep individual projects on track and your overall business growing profitably.

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Adopt a Right-Sized Project Solution

You require project solutions that match the way your organization works. Sage Intacct provides everything from project tracking to employee time tracking, with full-featured costing and resource management, to billing and revenue recognition solutions. Whether you just need to track expenses by projects, understand the costs around R&D projects that don't get billed, or run billable services projects for clients, Sage Intacct has a right-sized solution for you.

Start Projects the Right Way

Sage Intacct shows you the true costs of past projects, so you can make smarter project bids. It integrates with your CRM system, so you can see what's coming in the pipeline, line up the right people and materials, and turn bids into projects without manual data re-entry.

Manage Your Resources

Find the right resource for the job, with the right skills and availability, to quickly plan and start your project. Easily identify who's overscheduled and who's on the bench to get accurate insight into resource utilization and efficiency.

Mind the Delivery Details

Keep projects on track and stakeholders happy. Establish the proper workflows for entering time and expenses and give team members online access to do so. Keep close watch on actuals against estimates. Tag expenses, invoices, and even journal entries to related projects. And answer questions about things like resources or invoices—without delay.

Save Time on Bills and Revenue Recognition

Sage Intacct's billing automation helps you improve accuracy by generating project invoices in the right format, using the right terms, and for the right amounts, supporting a variety of fixed price and T&M methods. Satisfy both customer expectations and accounting requirements by keeping revenue recognition separate from billing and automatically calculating and posting based on milestones, schedule, or percent complete.

Give Better Answers, Get Better Ideas

Stay up to date on project performance by consulting a single source with role-specific reports and dashboards. Give clients and colleagues answers about current status, milestones, and invoicing, while providing management insights on revenues, costs, and utilization to improve profit margins.

Sage Intacct Project Manager Dashboard

sage intacct project manager dashboard

Key Benefits

  • Fit project capabilities to the needs of your organization
  • Improve profit margins by basing new project bids on better data
  • Lower costs by streamlining project management and billing processes
  • Keep clients happy by making it easy for your team to get information and provide great service


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Sage Intacct Project Accounting

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